Group and Company

Shandong Weifang Tiansheng Group was established in 1987. The group founded TS-Biotech in 2009.

Based on our collection of probiotic bacteria, TS-Biotech focuses on development, production and commercialization of active ingredients by advanced biotechnology, such as high-throughput screening and molecular biology. We are committed to provide the personal care market with more effective, eco-friendly and innovative solutions by biotechnological innovation.

Our Research and Development center is located in Future Science and Technology City in Beijing. Apart from the internal R&D, we have multiple development projects with multinational organizations and brands in China and abroad. We aim to be the leader and innovator in probiotic applications in personal care, synthetic biology and skin microbiome in China.

Our manufacturing base is located in Linqu in Shandong Province. Our facilities, built in accordance with GMP standards, are equipped with automated fermentation and purification production lines, advanced dust-free workshop, and quality laboratories.

Our company set up our application laboratory in Guangzhou, for physical-chemical tests, in-vitro and in-vivo projects for the active ingredients. Our technical team makes every effort to bring comprehensive technical support to our customers, for product safety, stability, and applications.

TS-Biotech has sales offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, and has established distributor networks in major foreign markets. We serve leading domestic cosmetics companies and multinational companies in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea.